UT Informal Classes

Barbara’s golf classes are offered through the University of Texas Informal Classes program [web site].

To view the course schedule, to register for classes, or to join a wait list for future classes, visit the  UT Informal Classes web site and look under “Hobbies and Recreation”.  Then, look for the course names “Golf Beginner I” and “Golf Beginner II” to see class dates and times.

About the Classes

Beginning Golf I is perfect for people who have never swung a golf club in their lives or for people who haven’t golfed in years and want to start over.  In the last meeting of this class, we play nine holes at Butler Pitch and Putt, a fun, family-oriented, par-three course near downtown Austin (web site).

Beginning Golf II is for people who have played at least once and are looking to improve their game.  In the last meeting of this class, we play nine holes at a local city-owned course such as Roy Kizer (web site).

You do not need to own golf clubs to take these classes!  Clubs are provided for your use.  In fact, if you are thinking about buying clubs, we suggest you wait and ask Barbara’s advice after class.

In Case of Rain

If a class meeting  is rained out (or if a heavy overnight rain had made the ground too wet to hold class), class will resume the following week.  The class will continue until all four meetings take place.  If you’re uncertain about the weather, call Barbara at 576-9244 one hour before class time.